Thank You, Kevin and Bean

As a Gen Xer that was raised in Los Angeles, I’ve been listening to Kevin and Bean for close to 2/3rds my life. At age 45, I’m not sure exactly when I started listening. I don’t have a first memory of tuning in. But I do know it was around my junior or senior year in high school (1991 or 1992).

What I do remember is back in 94 when I was in the Navy and deployed out at sea, I would ask my family and friends to record the Kevin and Bean show and mail it out to me so I’d have some idea of what’s going on back home. I remember calling home in 95 when I got off the ship from a deployment and my sister told me that OJ was being chased by the LAPD and the first thing I said to her was “You better record Kevin and Bean when they are talking about this!”

Shortly after my time in the military, I ended up in the Northern California, Bay Area where I was in a relationship with someone living in Los Angeles. I would ask her to record tapes and send them to me too. She hated doing that for me and I’m glad to say that it did work out with her! I’m sure she’s glad too! =)

I remember one time fairly recently, I was flipping channels and I came across the Los Angeles Kings broadcast. The two announcers brought on Kevin and asked him some questions. The two Kings broadcasters were in their suits and ties and there was Kevin wearing a hoodie and shorts (it was night time so maybe he was in jeans?). I stuck around and listened for a few minutes and remember Kevin doing much better than the two hosts. If I could find the clip, I’ll show you the look on the faces of those two guys. The look they had… They knew they were in the presence of a broadcasting legend.

When Bean said his farewell late last year, I took the day off from work so I could listen. I’m not kidding when I say that I’ve listened to the final podcast a couple dozen times since it aired. The vulnerability and honesty from the group is so refreshing and rare to find these days.

The days leading up to the final show, they do mention that Kevin and Bean will be honored at the NAB as Hall of Fame inductees and there is no shortage of fragility in their speeches.

I don’t know that I’ll ever find a radio show that is so honest. I want to thank everyone that’s been part of the show the last 30 years. I’m extremely upset with the way KROQ treated you and kicked you out without a proper farewell. But that doesn’t compare to how much I’ll miss the familiar voices on my drive into work. The mornings were hard enough when Bean left. But now with Kevin getting fired, my mornings will be that much more difficult.

Bean quickly found a gig in England and I know that Kevin will be broadcasting again soon. Please get back to us after your 1 week nap!

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