2022 Summer Poker Calendar

WSOP, Aria Poker Classic, Venetian DeepStacks, The Wynn Summer Classic and South Point Poker Tournaments Calendars

Kenny Hallaert (@SpaceyFCB on Twitter) completed his 2022 Summer Poker spreadsheet of poker dreams by adding events for the South Point poker series.

I’m a bit of a nut for Google Calendar, so I went ahead and created separate Google Calendars for all the separate poker series for the Summer of 2022. The link to that article on this blog can be found by clicking here

My previous post has links to Google Calendars for:

Wynn Summer Poker Classic 2022
Venetian DeepStacks
Aria Poker Classic – Summer 2022

Recently added to the spreadsheet are the events for the South Point Summer Poker Series and you can find the calendar I created below:

South Point Summer Poker Series – Unofficial Calendar

Kenny’s spreadsheet had a wonderful surprise for me. He added a tab which contained the entire list of all the events from the major Las Vegas Poker Tournaments this summer. This made it much easier for me to generate a calendar for all the events:

2022 Las Vegas Summer Poker Tournaments Calendar – The Complete and Unofficial Calendar

Please always double check my work! If you spot anything wrong, please DM me on Twitter @FinalTable_Time

2022 Las Vegas Summer Poker Tournament Schedules: World Series of Poker, Aria Poker Classic, Venetian DeepStacks and The Wynn Summer Class

Summer is around the corner.  For poker players around the world, that means heading out to Las Vegas to play in some poker tournaments. Kenny Hallaert (@SpaceyFCB on Twitter), for the last few years, has generated the most popular spreadsheet known to poker events. 

I added to this by generating a Google Calendar for the same venues. You can find the official event schedules along with the calendars that I’m sharing below:

World Series of Poker:

Official 2022 WSOP Schedule
Google Calendar (Unofficial)

Venetian DeepStacks Championships

2022 Venetian DeepStacks Championships Official Schedule
Google Calendar (Unofficial)

The Wynn Summer Classic

2022 Wynn Summer Classic Official Schedule
Google Calendar (Unofficial)

Aria Poker Classic

Official Tweet from their Tournament Director @TDPaulCampbell
Google Calendar (Unofficial)

If you like calendar apps on your phone, you can subscribe. When you click on the links, they take you to today’s date. I haven’t been able to find a way to change the default view to go to the start date of the event so you’ll have to scroll through the calendar.